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1.   The end of the Cold war - part 1
part 2
part 3
1.1 The withdrawal or Soviet forces from Eastern Europe
2.   The Air Assets of the Western Group of Forces - part 1
part 2
3.   The 16th Air Army
      History and evolution of the 16.VA
3.1 The fighters - part 1 : MiG-29
           Intercepting the Blackbird
           MiG-25PD photo page
part 2 : MiG-29
           MiG-29 or MiG-29S?
           MiG-29 photo page
part 3 : MiG-23
           MiG-23UB or MiG-23UM?
           MiG-23 photo page
part 4 : Withdrawal from Germany
           33.IAP aircraft shifts
           Fighters older pictures
3.2 The target towing units
       Flight Logs
       A dream assignment
       Su-25 ex-65.OBAE photo page
3.3 Ground-Attack Aviation & Fighter-Bombers
part 1: Il-2 / Il-10 / MiG-15 / MiG-15bis
part 2: MiG-17 / MiG-17F / Su-7B / Su-7BM
part 3: MiG-21PF / MiG-21PFM / MiG-21SM /
            MiG-21MT / MiG-21SMT / MiG-23M
part 4: MiG-27 / MiG-27K
part 5: MiG-27M / MiG-27D
           MiG-27 photo page
part 6: Su-17M3 / Su-17M4
           Su-17 photo page
           20.GvIBAP older pictures
           730.APIB older pictures
part 7: Su-25 / Su-25BM
           Su-25 photo page

3.4 Recce & EW - part 1 : 298.ORAP : MiG-15bisR / MiG-21R / Su-17M3R
             MiG-21R / Su-17M3R photo page
part 2 : 11.ORAP : Il-28R / Yak-27R / Yak-28R / Yak-28PP
part 3 : 11.ORAP : Su-24MR & MP
            Su-24MR/MP photo page
part 4 : 931.OGRAP : Yak-27R / Yak-28R / Yak-28L
            MiG-25RB "Foxbat-B"
            Flight Logs
            Let's go get Foxbat!
            MiG-25 photo page
part 5 : 931.OGRAP : MiG-25RB "Foxbat-D" / MiG-25RU
            MiG-25RBSh or MiG-25RBF ?
            Jamming the Foxbat
part 6 : 931.OGRAP : Yak-28PP / MiG-25BM
part 7 : 39.ORAO / 226.OSAP : Li-2 / Il-14 / Il-20M / An-26RTR
            Li-2 / Il-14 / Il-20M / An-26RTR photo page
part 8 : OEBSR units: Tu-143
3.5 Transport aircraft & Sperenberg
part 1
           226.OSAP older pictures
           Transport aircraft older pictures
part 2
           226.OSAP photo page
part 3 : Airborne Command Posts
part 4 : VTA & An-2
           An-2 photo page
           VTA photo page
           Schönefeld visitors
3.6 Air operations
3.7 Night flying
3.8 Special weapons - part 1
24.VA nuclear potential in 1967
LABS at Gadow-Rossow range
part 2
16.VA nuclear potential in 1977
part 3
3.9 The Aerosledges of the 16.VA
 >   Various topics
Flight Logs
Total mobilization
Long-range aviation visitors
Air strike on Wittstock
Blinder over Berlin
Where there is a will, there is a way
An exceptional adventure
Seen from the West: the Hawk batteries
Seen from the East: Hawk strike
Seen from the West: Hawk strike: analysis
The Stasi spying on "Spies"
 >   Border patrol
Target: Iron Curtain
The Hunting Pembrokes
Gabriel over Germany
Safety of flight not garanteed
The "Air Reco" of the FMLM
Operation Larkspur
Berlin corridors spyplanes photo page
   Military Liaison Missions stories
My first backseat tour
Politics, Reconnaissance and Women
SA-4 deployment at Cochstedt
LABS at Gadow-Rossow
Altenburg Squadron "Flush"
Köthen "Flogger-G" IRSTS
Through the Fence at Merseburg
Falkenberg Adventures
Plowing up People's Potatoes
Brand Soviet airfield area detention
Let's go get Foxbat!
Hind at Retzow
Blocking at Nohra
Trapped at Damgarten
Safety of flight not garanteed
The "Air Reco" of the FMLM
Operation Larkspur
4.   The Army Aviation
4.1 The Armeyskaya Aviatsiya in Germany
4.2 The Mi-2 "Hoplite"
      Mi-2 photo page
4.3 The Mi-4 "Hound"
      Mi-4 photo page
4.4 The Mi-6 and Mi-10 / part 1 / part 2
      Mi-6 photo page
4.5 The Mi-8 "Hip" - part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6 / part 7
      Mi-8TARK photo page
4.6 The Mi-24 "Hind" - part 1 / part 2 / part 3
      Mi-24 photo page
4.7 The air operations and the withdrawal


Support units
Complete units designations - code names
ORBAT: Armeyskaya Aviatsiya
Airbases - runways - firing ranges
Firing ranges photo page
Airfield organisation
Survivals of the war and Soviet ordinary in reunified Germany
Rangsdorf and its famous dump
Rangsdorf photo page
Various dumps photo page
The 16th Air Army museum
Units museums
The gate guardians
Unit histories
From Communism to business?
The open days
Open days photo page
Lived anecdotes : Prisoners of the "Red Army"
The icebreaker "Gaston Botquin"
Units relocations in Russia
"After the battle"
Presereved aircraft photo page
Aircrafts and helicopters still operational in Russia photo page
Those were the days
Multimedia & links : Multimedia
Cyrillic alphabet
Visitor's book

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