Long documentary (67') about Wünsdorf HQ made by local ZGV TV with some short but interesting sequences.

Ground exercises at Allstedt in 1986: camouflage, maintenance, NBC attack and decontamination.

Wrongly named "33IAP Zernograd", this low definition but exceptional video originally entitled "Weg nach Russland", is about
     the last days of 33.IAP at Wittstock in March 1994 and the departure day on 7 April 1994.

Short video of a MiG-23M engaging an arresting barrier during tests at Alteno airfield in 1977.

Armed forces days in 1992 at Lärz (no aircraft to see).

19.GvAPIB flying at Lärz in 1992.

19.GvAPIB departure day on 23 March 1993. Pour les initiés : G.Botquin à 18'25" et sans doute un morceau de H.Mambour à 19'07".

Short video about 911.APIB flying activities at Brand in 1992.

Short video about 178.OVP flying activities at Borstel and Retzow in 1991.

Departure of a first group of 178.OVP helicopters from Borstel on 13 July 1992.

Site about Weimar-Nohra. Video of 336.OVP departure in "Geschichte" section (FLIEGERHORST-NOHRA.DE)
     Alternative link (bigger size - in two parts).

This video (the second on the page) shows a Mi-6 squadron departure and flight from Oranienburg to Kalinov via Legnica in Poland. The video was filmed in 1994 and definitely not in 1991 as mentioned.

"Kick the MiG" at Gross Dölln in 1992. Very short and low quality.

31.GvIAP at Zernograd (music soundtrack).

General video about MiG-29 with 31.GvIAP (Zernograd) sequences (in part 1).

Video about 60 years of Army Aviation, filmed at Vyazma (440.ovp BU).

Six videos of various interest about the 337.OVP at Berdsk can be watched here.


All go to fight: a must see video. Flying activities at Gross Dölln in 1991: airfield, firing range, social activities, night flying.

Glory to the Guard: a second must see video. More flying activites and Kick the MiG.

Good bye Smuglianka: flying in Gross Dölln and training of SAM operators (Strela-10M and Igla) against Su-17 at Wittstock.
Also various armoured vehicles on the range. Armed forces day ceremony in 1991 at Templin village Soviet cemetery and dinner.

The making of the famous group picture.


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