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Warning! This webpage is not in tune with the times. It was not designed for someone in a rush or for superficial examination. As of May 8, 2020, it contains 156 main pages, 798 photo pages (clickable pictures in the articles) and 34 photo galleries. How many of them have you missed?


8 May 2020

New exceptionally detailed article entitled "Flight Logs" including information never published before, which takes us back to the 1950s! It can be reached from three different pages of the site:
- Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare, part 4
- The Target-Towing Units, part 1
- Various Topics
The beginning of the fourth part of the chapter "Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare" was logically updated following new information found while working on the "Flight Logs" article.
Same situation for the first part of the chapter "The Target-Towing Units". However, more information also were added, notably regarding the Yak-25RV and the Il-28PP (at the bottom of the page for the latter). In addition, there are new pictures.

5 February 2020

This new update counts no less than 28 new clickable photos outside the photo galleries.
Reconnaissance & Electronic Warfare, part 1 (294.ORAP): picture of d'Alexey Leonov added and associated text added in the paragraph below; new MiG-21R picture at left.
MiG-21R & Su-17M3R Photo gallery: numerous pictures added.
Reconnaissance & Electronic Warfare, part 2 (11.ORAP): the end of the first paragraph with a new link is new. Numerous pictures (combat record, Il-28R, Yak-27R, Yak-28R & Yak-28PP) were added.
Reconnaissance & Electronic Warfare, part 3 (11.ORAP): two new pictures top left and new air-to-ground picture lower right. The text about the Su-24MP (two paragraphs under the title "Electronic Warfare") was edited.
Reconnaissance & Electronic Warfare, part 4 (931.OGRAP): new picture of the pylon-mounted Yak-27R, two new Yak-27R pictures at left and two new air-to-air pictures of a Yak-28U and a Yak-28R.
The Strike Forces, part 1: numerous pictures added.
The Strike Forces, part 2: two new pictures, the first and the last on the left side.
The Mi-6 & Mi-10, part 1: new Mi-10GR picture at left.
The Mi-6 & Mi-10, part 2: the last picture is new.
LABS à Gadow-Rossow: new picture of a nuclear mushroom model bottom left.

6 November 2019

The page entitled "Taran!" was completely edited. It can be considered as a new page > Link.
"Safety of flight not garantee:" new SA-2 picture on top of page 3 > Link
                                                 video link at bottom of page 4 > Link
New Photo Gallery about the 113.OSAE > Link.
"A real success story" Photo Gallery: new picture > Link.
MiG-23MLD Photo Gallery: some new pictures.
MiG-27 Photo Gallery, 911.APIB: two new pictures: Link 1 / Link 2.
Open Days Photo Gallery: new picture > Link.

28 September 2019

The site was 10 years old this month and a short update - while waiting for many others - was needed to celebrate!
Köthen "Flogger-G" IRSTS: new military liaison misson story.
Click on the link at the end of the article to discover behind the scene events of the Cold War where reality goes beyond fiction.
Altenburg Squadron "Flush": new links added to the caption of this > photo.
Let's go get Foxbat!: new picture added at the bottom of this > photo page.
MiG-25 Photo Gallery: new "MiG-25BM" folder with pictures already on the site and 4 new one.
"After the Battle" Photo Gallery: new MiG-25RBF picture.
Rangsdorf: an aerial view added.

04 May 2019

Complete update of the flying command posts section in the Mi-6 chapter.
Following that change, the chapter was divided into two parts:
Part 1 / Part 2 (Flying Command Posts)
The Mi-4: a new clickable Mi-4MK picture was added bottom right.
The Mi-8, part 4: footnote n°1 is new.
                           The small text box at the end of the penultimate big paragraph (right after note n°4) is new (Mi-8SMV and Mi-8PPA jamming operations
                           in cooperation).
The Mi-8, part 7: the last clickable picture bottom right is new (Chipmunk and Mi-8)
The Mi-24, part 1: a small sketch showing the attack profile of Mi-24s was added bottom left (click it).
Operation Larkspur, part 2: a CIA document was added bottom left (click it).
LABS at Gadow-Rossow: two new images were added at the bottom of the page.
                                         Click on the left one (simulated nuclear explosion) and move the mouse over the right one.
The Hunting Pembroles, part 1: a new clickable picture was added bottom right (first 2S6 observation).

01 March 2019

Brand Soviet Airfield Area Detention: new military liaison mission story.
Maskirovka: two new clickable pictures were added top left (map) and the third one on the right side (painting).
The third paragraph under the title "Never judge by appearances" is updated.
The Mi-24, part 2: new Piper Super Cub clickable picture.
A text and links related to that picture were added above it.
Mi-24 photo gallery: 305.OVE OP folder: the caption of the first picture was edited and the third picture is new.
The Mi-8, part 7: the last picture is new (Gazelle & Mi-8).
The Mi-4: the last picture is new (Mi-4VKP).
The Mi-6 & Mi-10: the caption of the Mi-10 with a MiG-15 picture is updated.
One new interactive picture was added top right (flag) and two new clickable pictures were added under the title "Flying Command Posts": the second on the left (Mi-6VKP interior) and the last one on the right (Mi-22 with an antenna deployed on the ground). The last small paragraph, still under the title "Flying Command Posts," is new.
Mi-6 photo gallery: Mi-6VKP & Mi-22 folder: two new pictures: Mi-6VKP n°25 (41.OVE BU) and Mi-6VKP n°50 (113.OSAE).
Air Operations: a link was added to > this photo caption.
Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare, part 7: the caption of the last picture was updated.
Links: a new link to the webpage of the FMLM alumni entitled "Secrets de la guerre froide" was added.

01 April 2018

The last parts of the Mi-8 chapter are online. They are four pages describing the Mi-8 electronic warfare versions on strength with the GSFG, i.e. parts 4 to 7 of the chapter: > 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
It will remain to create the photo gallery related to the Mi-8 to complete this chapter.
"Still Operational or in Storage," photo gallery, "Mil" folder: one Mi-8SMV and two Mi-9 pictures added.
"The Mi-6 & Mi-10": the first paragraph and the first two pictures under the title "Versatile Mi-6s" are new. Two new pictures related to that update were also added to the Mi-6 Photo Gallery: 1 / 2.
"The Ameiskaya Aviatsiya in Germany": footnote n°2 is new.
"The Mi-24, part 1": footnote n°5 is new.
"A Real Success Story" Photo Gallery: the last picture is new.
"Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare, part 4": update of the paragraph under the Yak-28U picture. Also, the second paragraph that follows and the Yak-28L picture next to it are new.
"Transport aircraft & Sperenberg": update of the An-10VKP section (the last bloc of the second paragraph).
"Falkenberg Adventures, part 1": new pictures.
16.VA Order of Battle: new link for the 1983 orbat at the bottom of the page.
MiG-27 Photo Gallery: new caption for the MiG-27D n°50 at Lärz on 23/03/93 > Link.

31 October 2017

The publication of the last part of the Mi-8 chapter has been postponed to the next site update.
New article of Bill Burhans entitled "Through the Fence at Merseburg."
"Altenburg Squadron "Flush": the last two pictures are new.
"Let's go get Foxbat!": five new pictures and a table have been added.
MiG-25R photo gallery: new pictures in the MiG-25RBK - RBS/Sh - RBV/RBT - RU folders
The Mi-24, part 2: footnote n°2 is new (video links).

15 June 2017

The third part of the Mi-8 chapter is online > LINK. The Hip variants based on the Mi-8M airframe are analysed on that new page.
Important update of the seventh part of the "Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare" chapter > LINK.
You will discover chronologically three new paragraphs under the title "The Big Ears," illustrated with exclusive pictures. Then, there are two new paragraphs under the title "The "Curl" Get Involved!" and finally two more paragraphs under the title "The Stasi and the Probes." Also, don't forget to click on the link at the bottow of the page to reach the chapter photo page with more unique pictures!
Two new rare pictures illustrate the Special Weapons chapter: 1 / 2
A new MiG-25 picture illustrates the third part of the article entitled "Safety of Flight not Garanteed."
New Yak-27R picture on the Wittstock firing range > LINK.

29 January 2017

The Mi-8 chapter is online > LINK.
Given the magnitude of the task, this chapter will be published in four times. Today, we publish the first part about the Mi-8T airframes in two pages. It will be followed by a page about the Mi-8MT airframes, then two pages about the electronic versions and finally the photo gallery.
"The Target-Towing units, part 2": informations about the MiG-23M and the Su-25BM of the 65.OBAE have been updated, ie the last two paragraphs. Moreover, a Su-25UB picture has been added. Aslo, a ZSU-23 picture has been added to part 1.
"The Mi-24," part 2: the seventh clickable picture on the left side is new. The text at the bottom of the picture on the main page is related to it.
"Les "Air Recce" of the FMLM," part 2: "Until 1994" part: the first paragraph and the beginning of the next one are new.
The caption of the picture showing a MiG-23 with a Tu-143 (on the page "The Armeyskaya Aviatsiya in Germany") has been updated and two videos links have been added > LNK.
"Transport aircraft & Sperenberg," part 3: new clickable picture of the An-10VKP crew and new air-to-ground clickable picture of the Il-22M.
"The 16th Air Army": new clickable picture of A. Kvochur (second right)
                                 footnote n°4 has been edited (last phrase)
"Prisoners of the Red Army," part 2: new clickable picture of an UAZ-469
Mi-2 photo gallery: the last picture is new.
Su-25 photo gallery: the last picture of each L-39 folder is new. The caption of many pictures in each folder were updated.

20 May 2016

The article entitled "The Hunting Pembrokes" has been updated.
Part 1: the second paragraph and the first half of the third one are new. The footnote is also new. Moreover, the last picture is new and quite extraordinary!
Part 2: the second half of the second paragraph is new. Also, you will find at the bottom of the page two links redirecting you to the Multimedia section, where you will find references about two books related to the article. Another link will allow you to read online some chapters extracted from a book about 60 Squadron.
An exceptional aventure: the article is now illustrated with new pictures of the Belgian RF-84F at Damgarten, taken by a Soviet military!
Rangsdorf: new picture top right.
The Mi-6 & Mi-10: new picture on the right side: the sixth one.
ZRK 2K11 Kroug (SA-4 at Cochstedt) page: new picture of a TEL.
Plowing up People's potatoes: new picture of the Komendatura.
The Mi-24, part 2: new picture on the right side: the third one. It seems that some pictures disappeared during another site update. This page is now complete again.
An-2 photo gallery: two new pictures: 1 / 2.
MiG-25R photo gallery: four new pictures: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4.
Su-24M photo gallery: two new pictures: 1 / 2.
Su-24MR photo gallery: one new picture.
Su-25 photo gallery: one new picture (L-39).
Gate Guardians photo gallery: one new picture.
After the Battle photo gallery: two new pictures: 1 / 2.

20 January 2016

The text relative to the Il-22M that was formerly in the seventh part of the "Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare" chapter has been moved to a new page inside the "Transport" chapter (renamed "Transport aircraft and Sperenberg" for the occasion) for more consistency. That new page is the third one of the four pages constituting that chapter. It includes the beefed up Il-22M text and a new aircraft type that you will discover by clicking > HERE. You will note that the other pages of the transport section are only available in French language. Those pages will be updated later and translated into English at the same time. Also, the caption of the picture showing the An-12 n°84 has been edited > LINK.
Chapter 4.3 "The Mi-4 "Hound":
- Mi-4KK and Mi-4KU descriptions have been edited and a footnote has been added > LINK.
- the caption of the picture of Mi-4 n°38 has been edited.
"Gabriel over Germany": new picture of N2051 n°131.
"The "Air Recce" of the FMLM": new picture of a N2501 with a Broussard aircraft.

12 November 2015

New article off the beaten tracks (placed in the "Various topics" section) : "Where there is a will, there is a way"
So far, the only known photo in Damgarten of the Belgian RF-84F that landed there in May 1958, was the one that had been published by L.Freundt in his works. He had kindly provided us with a copy to illustrate the article "An exceptional adventure." Today, thanks to Peter Misch, we are able to present new exclusive photos. Three of them were added to the article. These photos were taken by a person who worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affaires of the GDR (Ministry for Auswärtige Angelegenheiten).
Article "Long-range aviation visitors": new diagram showing the path followed by a Tu-16 over the GDR.
Article "Blinder over Berlin": new map of the Wittstock firing range.
"Hind at Retzow": new Mi-24P picture, bottom right.
Mi-24 phot gallery: three new pictures added at the end of the "Unidentified / Mi-24V" section.
Chapter "3.4 Reconnaissance and electronic warfare," part 6: new MiG-25BM picture at the bottom of the page.

22 April 2015

New article about the US observation flights above the BCZ. This is probably the only article about Operation Larkspur ever published.
Chapter 4.4: The Mi-6 & Mi-10: update of the paragraph about the Mi-10 ("The Flying Cranes"); one photo added.
Chapter 4.6: The Mi-24: new Mi-24A picture (third on the right) and new footnote n°5.
Open Days photo gallery: new MiG-29 picture.
Firing Ranges photo gallery: Retzow: the last two images are new.
                                             Training Ranges: the last image is new.

1 January 2015

The publication of a new article has been postponed to the next site update. You will only find new pictures this time.
Mi-24 chapter: various pictures added to the three pages.
Mi-24 photo gallery: two new folders entitled "305 OVE OP" and "312 OVE OP."
An-2 photo gallery: two new pictures 1 / 2.
Gate Guardians photo gallery: Yak-27R / MiG-17F / MiG-21SM / 1.MiG-23M / 2.MiG-23M / MiG-19P / Mi-6 / Il-2.
Open Days photo gallery: most of the Merseburg pictures are new
                                         Kick the MiG: 1 / 2.
Unusual Visitors photo gallery: Welzow folder: three Su-24 pictures.
The target-towing units: Il-28U nose picture.
A dream assignment: Il-28 nose picture.
Gabriel over Germany, part 2: N2501 profile added.

17 October 2014

"The Target-Towing Units": part 1 has been updated - read the first two paragraphs.
Also, two new pictures can be found in part 1 (an Il-28 and a PM-6 target on the right side of the page).
The Mi-2 picture caption also has been updated.
Moreover, a video link can be found at the bottom of the page.
"Firing Ranges" photo gallery:
- New gallery about Retzow
- New gallery entitled "Training ranges"
- Many new pictures added to the Wittstock gallery
"Hind at Retzow": new picture added bottom right.
"Safety of flight not garanteed": the caption of the picture showing two Chipmunk in flight has been updated.
"Maskirovka": new Tu-154 picture (bottom) and new footnote n°2.
"Border Patrol": footnote n°3: video link added.
"Gabriel over Gemany" : Su-15 picture added.

17 July 2014

New article: "Safety of flight not garanteed" - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4; it can be reached via the pages "Border Patrol" and "Military Liaison Missions stories"
Two new pictures added to the "Border Patrol" page (Gazelle and Chipmunk).
The photo page entitled "Schönefeld visitors" is replaced by a photo gallery. A Tu-124 picture was added.

28 May 2014

New article about the military liaison missions: "Maskirovka"
A link to download a Google Earth file about the Przemkow firing range has been added at the bottom of this page > Link.

04 April 2014

New chapter about the Mi-4.
Przemkow firing range diagram annotations updated.
An adpatation of the article entitled "Gabriel over Germany" has been published in the February and March issues of the French magazine "Air Fan" (see the bottom of this page).

10 February 2014

New article about the military liaison missions: "Trapped at Damgarten"
New photo gallery: "Unusual visitors"
New pictures:
Mi-24 photo gallery: 439.OVP BU : 1 / 2 - Unidentified : 1
MiG-29 gallery: 35.IAP
Su-17 gallery: 730.APIB : 1 / 2
Preserved aircraft gallery: UTI MiG-15 / Yak-27R

22 December 2013

End of the update and translation into English of the "Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare" chapter with the aircraft based at Sperenberg. See Index reco
931.OGRAP - part 1: footnote n°2 is new.
"The target-towing units": analysis of visible infrastructures on the picture of the 65.OBAE flightline > click on the link added at the bottom of this page.
New pictures:
Open days: 1 / 2 / 3
Su-24MR/MP: 1 / 2
MiG-27: 19.GAPIB :1
              296 APIB: 1 / 2
              559 APIB: 1

12 November 2013

The update and the translation into English of the "Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare" chapter continues with three new pages about the 931.OGRAP.
Index reco
931.OGRAP - part 1
931.OGRAP - part 2
931.OGRAP - part 3
The MiG-25RB photo gallery has some updated captions and new pictures.
"The 'Air Recce' of the FMLM", part 2: new footnote added.
"Gate Guardians" photo gallery: two new pictures: 1 - 2

14 September 2013

The second part of the "Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare" chapter has been updated and is now available in English language. The theme of that page was previously the Su-24MR and MP of the 11.ORAP. The update composed of two pages is now about all the aircraft types flown by the 11.ORAP in the GDR. The first page is about the Il-28R, Yak-27R, Yak-28R and Yak-28PP and the second page (completely updated) is about the Su-24MR and MP. The next update will be about the MiG-25RB variants flown by the 931.OGRAP.
Index reco
11.ORAP - part 1
11.ORAP - part 2
Su-24MR photo gallery: new pictures : 1 - 2 - also have a look at updated picture captions with technical info.
"After the battle" : new Su-24MP pictures : 1 - 2
                             new MiG-29 pictures: "MiG" folder: the last 4 images.
"The withdrawal of Soviet forces from Eastern Europe" : 2 new images illustrate part 1 and 2 of that article.

13 May 2013

The first part of chapter 3.4 about the reconnaissance units - renamed "Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare" - and its photo gallery have been extended and updated. Moreover, it is now available in English language. The other pages of that chapter will be updated during the next few months and translated into English at the same time. Also, you will discover that when you click on the "Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare" entry of the sitemap, you won't reach anymore the first part of that chapter. Instead, you will reach a new menu from where you will be able to reach directly each part of the chapter. Thanks to that new formula that will be applied in the long term to other themes like the fighters of the fighter-bombers, it will be easier to add new pages about more aircraft types.
"Long-range aviation visitors": a new paragraph can be found between the two air to ground pictures of Gross Dölln airbase.
                                                update of the end of the article (A-50).
                                                two Tu-22M3 clickable pictures (including a new one) under the box ("One summer in Poland...").
Caption update for this Mi-2 picture.
Caption update for this Broussard picture.
Nuclear MiG-21s control box: better pictures at the bottom of the page.
"After the battle" : new clickable B/W picture.
New pictures of preserved aircraft: MiG-25BM/1 - MiG-25BM/2

7 April 2013

New article of Bill Burhans entitled "Falkenberg Adventures" : Part 1 - Part 2
The MiG-25 picture that was at the bottom of the page entitled "Jamming the Foxbat" was not appropriate and it was replaced with another one. Also,its caption has been updated.
New page entitled "MiG-25RBSh or MiG-25RBF ?" (can be reached throught a link on this page)
The "Traditions" page has been updated (the last two paragraphs)
New pictures in the Mi-24 photo gallery:
- 9.OVE BU: 1 - 2
- 172.OBVP: 1
- 336.OBVP: 1 - 2
- 485.OBVP: 1 - 2 - 3
- Mi-24V unid.: 1
- Mi-24P unid.: 1
Mi-6 photo gallery: updated photo captions: 1 - 2 - 3

1st March 2013

New article: "The "Air Recce" of the FMLM" - Part 1 / Part 2; it can be reached via the pages "Border Patrol" and "Military Liaison Mission stories"
"LABS at Gadow-Rossow": new picture added on the right side, next to the simulated nuclear explosion picture.
"Long-range aviation visitors": new map top left.
Update of the caption of this Mi-2 picture
"The Mi-6 & Mi-10": new Mi-10 pictures.
New pictures in the Mi-6 photo gallery: 1 - 2 - 3
New pictures in the MiG-29 photo gallery::
- 35.IAP
- 968.IAP (review the entire gallery)

21 January 2013

"Border Patrol", new article: the link at the bottom of the page entitled "Gabriel over Germany" is now active.
Additional pictures illustrating the French aircraft mentioned in the article above can be found in the Berlin Corridos Spyplanes photo gallery.

28 November 2012

"Border Patrol", new article: the link at the bottom of the page entitled "The Hunting Pembrokes" is now active.
Firing ranges photo gallery: new folder about Przemkow
                                            unidentified picture moved to the Wittstock folder (the last one)
6.OVE BU new Mi-24K picture.
6.OVE BU new Mi-6VKP pictures: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
New Su-25 pictures: 1 - 2
Ch.3.6 "Air Operations": a picture of the Lärz flightline has been added
"After the battle" : Mi-2U - MiG-25RBF - 6.OVE BU - Mi-8PPA - Mi-6VKP

06 October 2012

"Border Patrol" : new link to download a file entitled "Target: Iron Curtain" at the bottom of the page. You will find two inactive links relative to future articles right below.
New pictures in the "Berlin Corridors Spyplanes" photo page: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
Moreover, several picture captions have been updated.
"The Armeyskaya Aviatsiya in Germany": a new B/W picture of a SPU-143 launcher can be found at the bottom of the page.
"Cochstedt SA-4 Deployment": new air-to-ground picture below left.
Su-25 photo gallery:
357.OShAP: new pictures
368.OShAP: L-39 - Su-25UB '50' - Su-25UB '71' - Su-25BM '09' - Su-25BM '14'
Mi-6 photo gallery - new pictures: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Mi-24 photo gallery - new pictures: Mi-24R - Mi-24K
New MiG-25RBSh picture.

24 August 2012

An exceptional adventure: the last third of the page from the box included, is new.
The target-towing units: the paragraph next to the picture of the Wustrow Peninsula has been further developed and updated. A new text inside a box also is available underneath (Wustrow Restricted Area).
The captions of the pictures showing the Wustrow Peninsula and the firing ranges map at the bottom of the page have been updated.
Airbases - grass runways - firing ranges : new MiG-21 picture at the bottom of the page.
Long range aviation visitors:
- when you click on the picture showing Gross Dölln airbase, you will find a new air-to-ground picture of the airfield dating back to the 1970s.
- the picture showing Tu-16 disperals is new. It replaces a "Google Earth" image.
- three new pictures at the bottom of the page.
The 16th Air Army: new link to upload a short Soviet TV report filmed at Grossenhain in 1989 before the Su-24 withdrawal (see footnote n°4).
Border patrol: new picture showing the inside of a Mi-8 during a RELAIS mission.
The Mi-24, part 3: dual picture showing close up shots of a A-87 camera at the bottom of the page.
Altenburg squadron "flush": new picture of the MiG-21SMT preserved at Altenburg.
New MiG-29 and MiG-23UB pictures in the associated photo gallery:
- Köthen : 1 - 2 - 3
- Merseburg : 1 - 2
- Zerbst : 1 - 2 - 3
Gate guardians: three new UTI MiG-15 pictures: 1 - 2 - 3.

28 June 2012

Complete update of the Mi-2 chapter and its photo gallery.
Special Weapons:
Part 1 : an IAB-500 diagram has been added (clickable image) - also see the more detailed paragraph next to the IAB-500 dump picture.
Part 2 : new image showing a MiG-21 cockpit bottom right; click on it to discover in detail the MiG-21 control boxes.
A new link to download a video clip showing a Su-7 with a 8U49 tactical nuclear bomb has been added at the bottom of the page LABS at Gadow-Rossow.
The historical picture of a MiG-21SMT that illustrated the article "Altenburg Squadron "Flush" finally was not taken in the GDR; it has been replaced by another picture taken at Merseburg.
A new footnote (n°1) has been added to the second part of the target-towing units chapter.
The sitemap has been somewhat streamlined: the links related to the three chapters about the Hawk batteries have been moved under the section "Various Topics." However, the addresses of these chapters remain unchanged.

01 May 2012

New article to discover > here. The latter can be reached through the entry entitled "Various topics" in the sitemap; it replaces the former entry entitled "Exercises-deployments-training".
A conclusion paragraph has been added to the Mi-6 chapter.
"Special weapons, part 3": a new map has been added next to footnote n°1.
In case you wouldn't have seen it yet, two badges and a new footnote (n°2) have been added to the article "Plowing up People's Potatoes".
New MiG-27/MiG-23UB pictures:
19.GvAPIB : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
296.APIB : 1 - 2
559 APIB : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
New Yak-28R picture.

30 March 2012

New MLM story by Bill Burhans : "Plowing up People's Potatoes".
A new unconventional photo gallery can be reached through a new link entitled "A real success story" at the bottom of the article "Hind at Retzow".
Update of the 16.VA order of battle: see 113.OSAE at the bottom of the page.
The b/w MiG-23M picture illustrating the third part of the article "Special Weapons" is now a clickable image. It opens a new page showing another picture of the same aircraft with an updated caption.
The capiton of this Mi-24 picture has been updated.
New pictures in the "After the battle" photo gallery: MiG-23MLD / MiG-29 / Su-25BM / Mi-24R.

29 February 2012

The updated introduction chapter about the Army Aviation is now available in English language.
The target-towing units: the UFOs from Greifswald are finally well identified.
The MiG-25PD photo page is now a standard photo gallery with new images.
The gate guardians: new UTI MiG-15 picture.
Firing ranges photo gallery: new picture of the last MiG-17 on the Wittstock range.
A link for a new Google Earth file about the Wittstock firing range can be found at the bottom of this page.

20 January 2012

The Mi-24 chapter is online. When you browse through the chapter, you will find a link to the Mi-24 photo gallery and also a link to a new Militrary Liaison Mission story - French this time.
The Mi-24A photo caption from the article "Hind at Retzow" has been extended - see the second paragraph.
A new B/W picture illustrates the chapter 4.6 The Air Operations and the Withdrawal.
New pictures in the open days photo gallery: 1 - 2.
Mi-6 photo gallery : a general view of Nohra with its Mi-22 has been added.
If you have not seen it yet, a new footnote (n°8) has been added to the artilce "Politics, Reconnaissance and Women."

24 November 2011

A new story - very different from those already published before - about the Military Liaison Missions has been uploaded.
As a logical follow up of that update, the page and the sitemap entry entitled 'USMLM stories' have been logically retitled 'Military Liaison Missions stories'.
However, the address of that page remains unchanged.
The caption of this Mi-22 picture has been updated.
The next site update should be about the Mi-24 chapter and its photo gallery.

9 October 2011

The Rangsdorf page has been updated and moreover, it is now available in English language.
New footnote (n° 1) added to the Cochstedt SA-4 deployment page.
New link about the Southern Group of Forces (Hungary): click on the banner entitled 'Secrets of the Soviet airbase'.

9 September 2011

New article : "Cochstedt SA-4 deployment".
The new bases and/or the situation after their return to Russia of some units have been updated in the chapter 4.6 entitiled "The air operations and the withdrawal": 9.OVE BU, 292.OVE REB, 336.OBVP, 337.OBVP, 440.OVP BU, 485.OVP BU, and 487.OVP BU.
Also, a new footnote has been added.
Same background story added to two MiG-21R pictures: 1, 2.
New link about ELINT (click on the cirucular logo).
The Mi-24 chapter will be online hopefully before the year's end.

29 July 2011

4.1 The Armeiskaya Aviatsiya in Germany: a new Mi-8R picture is replacing the Mi-10GR picture that has been moved to the MI-6 chapter.
Aerial view of Oranienburg in 1987.
An-2 and Mi-8 of the 105.ADIB.
MiG-23UB probably equipped with a radar: 1, 2, 3.
MiG-27 pictures : 19.GvAPIB : MiG-23UB
296.APIB : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
559.APIB : 1, 2
911.APIB : 1, 2, 3
MiG-27 : 1
MiG-27K : 1, 2

28 June 2011

Major update of the Mi-6 page, which is now also about the Mi-10. Moreover, it is now available in English.
New photo captions: 1 - 2
New pictures: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8
New photo gallery: Paratroopers support.

28 April 2011

New article : Altenburg Squadron "Flush".
Although a lot of material is waiting in the queue to be uploaded on the site, new updates will be rarer and less important during the next weeks. I am indeed working essentially on the next Mi-24 chapter and its photo gallery until it is completed. The waiting should be worthwhile.
You can now be kept informed when the site is updated: have a look at the top of this page.

09 March 2011

New article: Hind at Retzow (USMLM stories)
LABS at Gadow-Rossow: new video link at the bottom of the page
Two new pictures in the ground-attack Su-24 photo gallery (the 4th and the last one)
New picture of a Su-24 from the 497.BAP ('After the battle' gallery)
A few pictures have been added to the Su-24MP photo gallery
New caption about the "Otlichniy Samolet" badge on this MiG-29 photo page (The fighters, part 2)

21 February 2011

Fourth part of the chapter about reconnaissance:
- New MiG-25 picture
- MiG-25 n°55 photo caption corrected
- New article in English linked to that page: Jamming the Foxbat
- New article in English linked to that page and the page 'USMLM stories': Let's go get Foxbat!
- New images in the MiG-25 photo gallery.

03 February 2011

The chapter about the target-towing units has been updated: text and images. It is now available in English or in French only.
New colour profile in the third part of the chapter about the special weapons.

01 January 2011

The article entitled 'Air strike on Wittstock' has been developed further. The story is even more extraordinary...
New pictures in the Mi-6 gallery.
The captions of this Mi-6VKP and this Mi-22 have been changed.

21 December 2010

New page about the long-range aviation bomber visits to GDR. It can be reached through the "Exercises - deployments - training" page.
New MiG-21R picture
New Su-17M3R + recce pod: the last two images of this gallery
Four B/W general images of the Merseburg open day added to the open days gallery.

01 December 2010

The open days photo gallery is online.
The Su-24 photo page (ground attack versions) is now a photo gallery. Two new pictures have been added.
The MiG-25R photo gallery has been reorganised: the different types have been better identified (read the captions) and a few new pictures have been added. Picture quality has been improved when that was possible.

14 November 2010

New article entitled "Mission 5489". The latter can be reached through a link at the bottom of the "Border patrol" page or through the extended sitemap.
EDIT: this article has been removed from the site because its author is not reliable. It has since been replaced advantageously by "Gabriel over Germany."

30 October 2010

The "Border Patrol" page presentation has changed: it is now available in English language (or French) only and new pictures have been added. A new video link is included with footnote n°3.
A new Google Earth photo of the Allstedt SA-3 site has been added at the bottom of the first part of the article 'My first back-seat tour'.
Two new pictures of a Yak-28R of the 11.ORAP.
MiG-27 photo gallery:
- 4 new pictures in the folder 'Withdrawal day'.
- New MiG-27.
- Two new pictures of armed MiG-27K in this folder.
- New MiG-23UB.

18 October 2010

New article : "My first back-seat tour". It can be reached through the "USMLM stories" page.
Caption changed for this An-22 picture.
New links : LSK/LV & SAM systems.
Two new videos about the 178.OVP.

06 October 2010

New article 'Total mobilization'. It can be reached through the 'Exercises - deployments - training' page.
New Mi-10P picture on the page "The Armeiskaya Aviatsiya in Germany".
Preserved Mi-24V - new picture.
"After the battle" gallery : Su-24MR of the 11.ORAP
                                        New MiG-29 pictures (last picture on page 2 + pages 3 and 4).

20 September 2010

Sitemap: you will find on top of the sitemap, under the 'Extended sitemap' entry, a new link entitled 'Photo galleries'. You can reach now the main photo galleries from that new page. The secondary galleries are not listed on that page because most of them will be removed in the future. They will be either merged with the existing main galleries or transformed into main galleries when new pictures are added. In the meantime, use the extended sitemap to reach them more quickly. The quality of some pictures will be improved progressively.
There is also a new entry lower in the sitemap in the left column. It is entitiled "Exercises - deployments - training". You will find on that page the titles of new articles that will be added to the site in the future.
The 'Links' page which included also links to videos has been split. A specific 'Videos' page is now available. Note however that the video links relative to the military liaison missions are still on the 'Links' page.

A new article 'Hawk strike: analysis' is online although in French language only for the moment.
New pictures in the firing ranges gallery: Belgern and Unidentified folders. Some pictures that were in the 'Unidentified' folder have been moved to the 'Wittstock' folder.
The 'After the battle' photo gallery about aircraft still operational or in storage in Russia has been reorganised and new pictures have been added:
- MiG-23MLD (Lipetsk 2010)
- MiG-29: Strijis and last pictures
- Mi-24: Berdsk and Vjazma
New picture of a preserved MiG-27K.
New caption for this MIG-29 picture.
New 833.IAP MiG-23MLD and MiG-23UB pictures.
20.GvAPIB: new picture of the Su-17 with a sharkmouth together with the pilots of the second squadron and picture of the cover of a 1988 magazine with an article about Gross Dölln Su-17s.

07 September 2010

The history of the 19th Guards regiment (Lärz) is online.
The sitemap presentation has changed. It is now available in English or French language only.
The article "LABS at Gadow-Rossow" was the first one of a serie about USMLM. A special entry "USMLM stories" has already been added to the sitemap. It will be possible to reach directly those articles through that entry in the near future.

25 August 2010

The 'LABS at Gadow-Rossow range' article has been corrected.

09 August 2010

A new page entitled 'LABS at Gadow-Rossow range' has been added to the 'Special weapons' chapter.
A new picture (the last one) has been added to this MiG-27 photo gallery, and also the penultimate in this one.
There is a new testimony in the footnote n°2 of the 'Hawk strike' chapter. Also, a new footnote (n°1) has been added to the second part of that chapter. See also the attack diagram for a few additional information.

27 July 2010

New photo gallery about the Yak-28 online.

14 July 2010

New pictures in the MiG-27 photo gallery:
- 296.APIB: aircraft n°02 / 06 / 08 / 10 / 14 / 20 / 23
- 911.APIB: aircraft n°07 / 15 / 16 / 21 / 33
New video about a lecture on the USMLM mission: on the links page under the Military Liaison Missions title.

02 July 2010

Hawk batteries, part 5 : the footnote contains new information (on top).
The transport, part 3 : new An-22 picture.
The Su-17M3R photo gallery is now the MiG-21R and Su-17M3R photo gallery with new pictures.

19 June 2010

The MiG-27 photo page is online.

24 April 2010

New MiG-25 picture on the page 'Intercepting the Blackbird'.
New MiG-25PD photo page.
New Su-24 'Fencer-B' (colour) picture.
Mi-6A general view at Oranienburg.
New 730.APIB Su-17 pictures : 1 - 2
New Su-24MP.
New Su-25 pictures (357.OChAP) : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
New Su-25 pictures in Russia : 1 - 2
Three new videos about BRIXMIS can be reached through the links page (Cold War spies: BRIXMIS interviews).

01 April 2010

Update about MiG-27 units here.
New picture at the bottow of the 'Border patrol' page.
Two new Su-25 pictures in the 'After the battle' gallery.
Three new 33.IAP MiG-29 pictures: the last three of this gallery.
New picture of pilots on the 'Air operations' page.

18 March 2010

New pictures:
- Su-24MP
- An-12
- MiG-17
- Old MiG-29 31 & 33.IAP
A link to a navigation chart has been added at the bottom of the "Shooring ranges, known users" page.
Short video about Brand added to the links page.
Two videos added under the "Military Liaison Missions" section of the links page.

07 March 2010

The Hawk batteries chapter is online in English.

04 March 2010

New toss bombing schema.
New pictures:
MiG-21UM 33.IAP
MiG-23MLD and UB
Armed Su-25
New 19.GvAPIB video - check "More flying at Lärz" in the links section.

21 february 2010

New MiG-23MLD, MIG-27K and Su-17M4 pictures in the After the battle photo gallery.
Some links have been added to the Su-17 photo gallery in the 730.APIB folder. The links show the same aircraft in 20.GvAPIB colours.

14 february 2010

Corrections and précisions about MiG-27 equipments : check the two pictures at the bottom of this page.
Corrections and précisions MiG-29S.
New pictures:
MiG-29 968.IAP
Su-25 357.OShAP
Su-7BM 19.GvIBAP
MiG-21SMT 33.IAP

09 february 2010

Equipments identified : FKP-58 and PA-10 pods. See B/W picture on this page and MiG-27 n°26 picture. Picture of a FKP-58 pod in this gallery (middle of the page).
The Su-24 photo page has been moved. It is now here with new Su-24M pictures.

02 february 2010

Niew link "Status of aerial reconnaissance in 1960" added on the Border patrol page.
Niew MiG-21 picture on fighter-bombers older pictures page.
Niew pictures (MiG-27K and Su-24M) in the "Ater the battle" gallery.
Niew video link (337.OVP à Berdsk).

30 January 2010

A new diagram (nuclear bomber and fighter-bomber units in 1967) has been added to the first part of the chapter "3.8 Special weapons".
A new photo gallery with older pictures of transport aircraft is online.

28 January 2010

The first part of the new chapter The attack of the Hawk missiles sites had been slightly changed to to avoid any ambiguity.

26 January 2010

The chapter about the attack of the Hawk missiles sites is now online in English. The previous chapter will be translated in English in a few weeks.

10 January 2010

The pages about the Hawk batteries are now online although in French language only for the moment.

06 January 2010

The chapter entitled Prisoners of the 'Red Army' in now online in Englilsh.

03 January 2010

A new page with older fighter-bombers pictures is online.

28 December 2009

The chapter about the 16.VA has a new link for a statistics page.
Some details have been added to the paragraph about Su-24 in the same chapter.
The third part of the chapter about special weapons has a new footnote.
A new footnote has been added as well to the air operations chapter.
A picture related to the deployments on reserve airfields has been added to the airbases page.

14 December 2009

The chapter 4.6 The air operations and the withdrawal (Army Aviation) is now online in English language.

10 December 2009

A new video can be reached through the reconnaissance chapter. It can be reached also through the links page.

27 November 2009

The new chapter 3.8 Special weapons in now online.
A new picture is on top of the fighters older pictures page.
Another one has been added to the 730.APIB older pictures page.
A link has been added to the page 'Units relocations in Russia' (check 33.IAP).

19 November 2009

A new link entitled "Cold War airborne spying missions" has been added to the Border Patrol page.
Two b/w pictures have been added to the first part of the chapter about the reconnaissance.
A new link for a video (MiG-23M) has been added to the links page.
A glossary is online since a few days.

13 November 2009

Zaur Eylanbekov of has kindly provided some artworks for the site.
A first one can be seen on this page and a second one here.

28 October 2009

The page 3.6 Air operations is now available in English.

26 October 2009

New information have been added to the following pages:
- Airbases - airstrips - shooting ranges
- Shooting ranges
New pictures :
- 730.APIB older pictures
- The fighters part 1
- After the battle

19 October 2009

Two new pictures/plans have been added to the shooting ranges photo gallery (Heidehof and Wittstock).
A new 20.GvAPIB Su-17M3 is available here.
A new page entitled MiG-23UB or MiG-23UM? is online.

15 October 2009

The 16.VA page is now online in English.

11 October 2009

The fighters second part presentation (and to a lesser extent the fourth part) has been changed. Informations about the badge worn by some 968.IAP aircraft has been added.
The page "Units relocations in Russia" is active.

06 October 2009

Two B/W pictures have been added to the An-2 photo gallery.
New pictures have been added to the MiG-29 photo gallery.

04 October 2009

Introduction page is available in English.
New links added to the airbases - airstrips - shooting ranges page.

03 October 2009

Su-17 photo gallery has been updated (730.APIB - see also captions).

02 October 2009

An important update of the AA order of battle has been done.
The caption of the Mi-8PPA picture on "Border Patrol" page has more information.

29 September 2009

Some changes have been made to the "Border patrol" page: a new information has been added to the footnote n°6, a MMFL link has been changed and a
C-130 picture has been changed in the photo gallery.
The 226.OSAP older pictures page has received more pictures.
A new photo gallery about Schönefeld airport visitors is online.
The Su-25 photo gallery has new images (357.OShAP).

22 September 2009

A diagram of the Heidehof shooting range has been added to the shooting ranges photo gallery.
New references have been added to the multimedia page.

17 September 2009

The Airbases - airstrips - shooting ranges page is now available in English through the English part of the sitemap.
New pictures have been added to the Su-17 photo gallery.
A Su-17M3R photo gallery has been created with stolen B/W pictures

16 September 2009

The "Google Earth" entry which was on the sitemap but not yet active has been removed. Instead, a new active link to download Google Earth files has been added at the bottom of the Airbases - airstrips - shooting ranges page. The same link has been added to the "Border patrol" page.
The "Airbases - airstrips - shooting ranges" page will be translated into English ASAP.
An air-to-ground picture of the Mi-6 dispersals at Oranienburg has been added to the Mi-6 photo gallery.

15 September 2009

A new picture has been added to the Night flights page.
New pictures have been added to the Shooting ranges photo page.

14 September 2009

A new picture is on top of the "Target towing flights" page.
A picture of MiG-25 b-n 38 has been added at the end of the photo gallery about aircrafts still operational in Russia

12 september 2009

16.VA will be disbanded on first December.
Some new pictures added :
- Photo gallery An-2 (1)
- Photo gallery 226.OSAP (An-24)
- Photo gallery VTA (An-12 / Tu-134)
- Photo gallery Su-17 (730.APIB)
- Page "Strike forces part 3" : one Su-17 with missile
- "Border patrol" page (1)

09 September 2009

The links page has been updated with new links to 19 and 20.GvAPIB videos.

07 September 2009

Yesterday evening, was the 15th anniversary of the departure from Germany of the last 16.VA aircraft. Antonov An-12 b-n 96 left Sperenberg at 20H40 and overflew the base at low level before bidding farewell with some flares.

04 September 2009

The ultimate fate of 33.IAP has been added to the page "33.IAP aircraft shifts".

03 September 2009

The end of the text of the "Border patrol" page has been changed.
New pictures have been added to the "Berlin corridors spyplanes photo page" on the same page.

02 September 2009

Twenty years ago, the Berlin wall fell apart, whereas the last elements of the 16th Air Army left Germany 15 years ago. 2009 is therefore a good year to put this site online, although the period was not deliberately chosen!
The MiG-27 photo page and the page about units relocations in Russia will be online in a few weeks. Work will then continue on Mi-8 and Mi-24 pages, which will be completed in several months. Other missing pages will follow after.
In the meantime, numerous small updates (text and images) will be progressively included in the already existing pages.


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