24.VA bomber and fighter-bomber units in 1967
71.GvIAK  Wittstock 24.IAK 61.GvIAK    Wittenberg
125.IBAD   Rechlin 132.BAD   Werneuchen 105.IBAD    Grossenhain
20.GvIBAP Parchim        Su-7 277.BAP        Finow              Il-28 116.IBAP     Jüterbog      MiG-17
19.GvIBAP    Lärz               Su-7 63.BAP        Werneuchen    Yak-28 559.IBAP     Finsterwalde   Su-7
730.IBAP   Neuruppin     MiG-17 668.BAP       Brand             Yak-28 497.IBAP      Grossenhain    Su-7
                     Airbases with nuclear units & permanent nuclear weapons storage depots (Type 641) 
 Nuclear units
                     Conventional units
  This diagram is adapted from a map originally published in the article entitled 'Sowjetische Atombomben in Europa -
 Ein  Kapitel aus dem Kalten Krieg' by Stefan Büttner, in the September 2008 issue of Fliegerrevue Extra 22 (See Multimedia section).
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