An-204r / 1G63-29With 126.IAD at Zerbst until 1992To Dessau in 1992
Airworthy as D-FBJU. Owner site here
Preserved aircraft photo gallery
An-205bl / 1G63-32With 16.GvIAD at Damgarten until 1992To Reinsdorf on 19 July 1992
Was airworthy as D-FMGM and later RA-05825
Now at Finow museum as "DM-SKO"
Preserved aircraft photo gallery
An-203r / 1G59-29With 105.IBAD at Grossehnain until 1992To Dessau in December 1992
To Oberschleissheim museum in 1993
Preserved aircraft photo gallery
An-12VKP9900902226.OSAP?Grounded at Mahlwinkel in 1992
Destroyed in 1995
An-12VKP page
An-14A701902?At Wittstock outside a nursery
Vanished in 1991
An-14A01r / 902715?At Wittstock outside a nursery
Vanished in 1991
Il-14G04r / 147001821226.OSAPFlown to Budapest-Ferihegy museum
in December 1987
Preserved aircraft photo gallery
Il-28?65.OBAEFlown from Damgarten to Altes Lager in the
Summer of 1986 to serve as instructional airframe
Mi-2510927 and 510932?To Spedition Eeckert (Berlin)
as a single airframe in 1992
Mi-202r / 511019039Flew untill 1989 at Mahlwinkel
(with 296.OVE?)
Cottbus museum as '32'y and r since August 1990
Preserved aircraft photo gallery
Mi-2511029039?At Schönefeld as 'DDR-VP'
To Passau airfield in 1993
Mi-201r / 51111906916.VA museumFate unknown
Mi-227r / 511134079With 41.OVE at Werneuchen?On display at Hohen-Neuendorf in 1990
Fate unknown
Preserved aircraft photo gallery
Mi-217w / 511415020At Kummersdorf-Gut garrison until early 1994Fate unknown
Mi-234r / 511618089On display in different locations in Berlin 1991-1994
(Spreeufer, Tiergarten, Treptow)
Fate unknown
Mi-4.83rOn display at Stendal garrison in the eightiesDisappeared in 1991
Mi-8T.33r / 3135With 440.OVP at Borstel until 1991To Speyer Technik-Museum in March 1992
as 'CCCP-06181'
Preserved aircraft photo gallery
Mi-8T.44r / 4038With 440.OVP at Borstel until 1991Moved to Pätz company at
Königswusterhausen in 1992 as 'D-PÄTZ'
Mi-24V01y / 352422810014With 485.OVP at Brandis until 1992Moved to Reinsdorf in April 1992
To Dessau in 1994
To Grenzmuseum Schifflersgrund
at Asbach-Sickenberg in 1996
Preserved aircraft photo gallery
MiG-15 UTI75r?On display in Merseburg city until 1990.
Gate guardians photo page
MiG-15 UTI01rOn display in front of the Officers' Club at Merseburg airbase.
Gate guardians photo page
Fate unknown
MiG-15 UTI88rAt Finow (instructional or on display?)At Speyer museum
MiG-15 UTI16r / 46181016.VA museumTo Dessau in 1994
Preserved aircraft photo gallery
MiG-15 UTI812579At AllstedtWent "missing" in 1991
MiG-17?Pylon-mounted at BrandHere
MiG-17F82rPylon-mounted at DamgartenRemoved during the nineties - Here
MiG-17F47rPylon-mounted at GrossenhainStill there in good shape
Preserved aircraft photo gallery
MiG-1971Pylon-mounted at WittstockWas there in the eighties
MiG-21SM50r16.VA HQ-museumFate unknown
MiG-21SM50rPylon-mounted at SperenbergFate unknown
MiG-21SMT01r / N50022121Pylon-mounted at AltenburgRestored as '60'bl on location. Unveiled in 2003
Story here. Preserved aircraft photo gallery
MiG-23M70r / 10703010146Pylon-mounted at Altes LagerMoved to Beelitz next to a furniture shop in 1992
Preserved aircraft photo gallery
MiG-23UB24r16.VA museumFate unknown
Su-7B01r / 1808Pylon-mounted at GrossenhainMoved to Beelitz next to a furniture shop in 1992
Preserved aircraft photo gallery
Su-7B07r16.VA museumFate unknown
Su-7U(07r) 91y / 1807Pylon-mounted at Gross DöllnTo Neuenkirchen museum in 2003
Story here
Yak-27R35r / 0214Pylon-mounted at WerneuchenTo Aeropark at Diepensee in 1994
Now at Hatten in France
Preserved aircraft photo gallery
Yak-27R88r / 0616Pylon-mounted at RangsdorfDestroyed on location
Yak-27R28r / 070816.VA museumMoved to Dessau
Preserved aircraft photo gallery
Yak-28I22r / 6941607At Werneuchen (instructional?)Destroyed on location in 1993
Yak-28R25r / 8961310At Altenburg until 1991 (instructional?)Moved to Veltheim (Porta Westfalica) in 1992
Now at Finow museum as '91'bk
Preserved aircraft photo gallery

From personal research and observations - additional material from Sowjetische Fliegerkräfte Deutschland 1945-1994 (Band 3) - L.Freundt.

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