33.IAP flag

Le drapeau du 33.IAP de Wittstock. On peut y lire : "33 istrebitelniy aviatsionniy polk PVO", soit 33è régiment d'aviation de chasse PVO. La mention "PVO" était un héritiage de la guerre lorsque ce régiment se dénomait 33.IAP PVO (voir > La chasse).

The 33.IAP flag at Wittstock on 7th April 1994. One can read '33 istrebitelniy aviatsionniy polk PVO' or 33rd fighter aviation regiment PVO. The PVO mention (Protivovozdushnaya Oborona or Anti-aircraft defense) is unusual. It was an heritage from WWII when the regiment was called 33 iap PVO and took part in the defence of Gorki skies. Another regimental flag has been observed with the same 'PVO' mention (787.IAP from Finow). According to Russian archives 35 and 833.IAP should have had a similar mention on their respective flags.