My first back-seat tour:  mission to Allstedt airfield.
Politics, Reconnaissance and Women:  detention of a BRIXMIS team at Allstedt.
Cochstedt SA-4 deployment:  deployment of a SA-4 battery at Cochstedt.
LABS at Gadow-Rossow:  simulated nuclear bombardment at Wittstock firing range.
Altenburg squadron "flush":  alert take off at Altenburg.
Through the fence at Merseburg...:  MiG-21SMT at Merseburg.
Falkenberg Adventures:  MiG-23s and SCUDs at Falkenberg.
Köthen "Flogger-G" IRSTS:  the IR sensors of the MiG-23ML from Köthen.
Plowing up People's potatoes:  MiG-21SMT hunting cut short.
Lieberose area incident :  capture and anticipated liberation by a FROG-7 column.
Brand Soviet airfield area detention:  road accident near Brand.
It went all the way to the SecDef!:  excellent photography of a MiG-23UB at Finsterwalde.
Let’s go get FOXBAT!:  MiG-25 arrival at Werneuchen.
Hind at Retzow:  Mi-24A at the Retzow firing range.
Blocking at Nohra:  FMLM tour stopped at Nohra.
Trapped at Damgarten:  BRIXMIS tour detention at Damgarten.
Maskirovka:  did troop rotation really take place with Aeroflot aircraft?
Reciprocity:  reprisals.
Safety of flight not garanteed:  BRIXMIS observation flights above the BCZ.
The "Air Recce" of the FMLM:  the FMLM observation flights above the BCZ.
Operation Larkspur:  USCOB ans USMLM observation flights above the BCZ.

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