Welcome to this site in constant evolution!

You will find below some information to make this site user friendly as well as some general and technical information.

There is a link to the sitemap at the bottom of each page. On each side of that link, there is an arrow directing you to the previous or to the next page, accordingly to the sitemap structure.

You will see next to some sitemap entries ">E" or ">B" mentions. This site is not yet available entirely in English language. "B" means that the page is bilingual French-English and "E" means that the page is written in English. Other pages are available in French language only, although all the picture captions are bilingual.
Photo galleries comments are in English language only.

To reach a specific page, go through the sitemap. A link is available on each page. You can reach directly secondary pages through the extended sitemap, which is the second entry in the sitemap.

Beside specific photo galleries, 99% of the images are interactive. When your mouse goes over a picture, three scenarios are possible:
- your pointer does not change: you have found one of the very few non interactive images.
- your pointer changes into a hand and a caption appears next to the image. In that case, do not clik on the image. The caption will appear and disappear   when your pointer move on and out of the picture. In order to read the page without seeing the captions, use the scroll bar on the right side of your screen   or the arrows of your keypad.
- your pointer changes into a hand but no caption appear. Clik on the image and you will see it in a bigger size together with a caption.

Almost no link, external or internal, open in a new page.

Photo galleries: you will find a small square at the top right corner of each image. When you clik on that square, the photo gallery transforms into a diaporama (5 seconds per image).

When an image is not visible, refresh your page, nothing is missing!

The site is best viewed with a display of 1680 x 1050 pixels.

With the exception of photo galleries and very few Excel generated pages, this site respects W3C standards. It is normally compatible with every navigators (tested with IE7-8, Firefox and Netscape). The fact is however, that the fonts and consequently the general page layouts are finer with IE than with open source navigators. If you have a solution to that problem, I would be keen to hear from you.

You are welcome to send any correction of the various texts in English language.

I am looking for people to translate this site into English language. If you want to translate even only one page, your help is welcome.


This site is a never ending story. Besides the completion of pages not yet online and the future addition of new sections, continuous updates or corrections will take place as well on short term as on very long term.
Changes will be announced in the 'What's new?' section.
When you look at the sitemap, you will see the date of the last update next to the 'What's new?' entry.

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