Air firing ranges (mid-80s)
Range Coordinates Activities Code name Remarks
Belgern 51N 29/ 013E 18 Air-to-ground Votchina Gun, S-5 and S-8 rockets only
Heidehof   Air-to-ground Zhiletka  
Lonzig   Air-to-ground    
Mecklenburger Bucht &   Ground-to-air    
Zingst peninsula
Przemkow (Poland)   Air-to-ground Maslyenok  
Retzow (Meyenburg) 53N 21/ 012E 10 Air-to-ground Bielok Gun, S-5 and S-8 rockets, P-50 bombs
Rgen (east of the island)   Air-to-air Model Controlled from Petersdorf (Damgarten)
Seyda 51N 51/ 012E 57 Air-to-ground Graviy Rarely used
Ueckermnde-Swinoujscie   Ground-to-air   Ship-based anti aircraft training
Wittstock (Gadow-Rossow) 53N 03/ 012E 42 Air-to-ground Brezent Bombs and air-to-surface missiles
        not exceeding 500 kg of explosives
Ground training ranges with air support
Range Coordinates Code name Remarks
Altengrabow   Kavkaz  
Magdeburg (Letzlinger-Heide) 52N 31/ 011E 37 Dvorets Used by Stendal
Ohrdruf 50N 50/ 010E 48   Used by Nohra
Rerik-Wustrow 54N 04'/011E 33' Pokraska Used by Parchim - Beach landing training
Shore-to-sea gun shooting
Templin 2     Templin 2 reserve airfield was converted into a
training range - Used by Oranienburg
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